Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hunter Creek Falls

Bottom of Hunter Creek Falls
Wild water at the bottom of the Hunter Creek Waterfall
Hunter Creek Falls, near Reno in Nevada, are the northernmost falls in the Carson Range. Other scenic waterfalls, farther south and arguably easier accessible, include the Tamarack Peak Waterfall southwest of Mt. Rose, Kings Canyon's Lower and Upper Waterfall west of Carson City and the serene Genoa Waterfall in Genoa Canyon—all with their falling water rushing down into the Great Basin.

Hunter Creek Falls hidden within bushes and trees
Many years just a trickle, even in spring, this year the waterflow is spectacular everywhere. The Hunter Creek crossing downhill from the Michael D. Thompson Trailhead is still flooded by forbiddingly surging water. I am not even sure if we are past peak surge.

Hunter Creek Waterfall Trail impassable near its trailhead
To cross the creek, you will find a provisional footbridge with no handrails about a quarter mile uphill. Follow one of those tracks along the leftside sagebrush slope and you will see the bridge to your right in the lush riparian band of green.

Crossing over surging Hunter Creek
More water, more people! Wild water and splashing falls always attract crowds. On weekend days, the Hunter Creek Waterfall Trail can get busy. Currently (early June, 2017), there are still a few trail challenges ahead as you get close to the main waterfall: slippery rocks or logs to cross side creeks without getting your shoes wet—maybe.

Hunter Creek Waterfall Trail in the Mt. Rose Wilderness
When the water is not blue (but white or muddy), the blue belly's bellies are.  

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