Monday, October 14, 2013

Genoa Waterfall in Genoa Canyon

Genoa Canyon is a short, V-shaped canyon in the Carson Range west of the historic town of Genoa, Douglas County, Nevada. The 2.9-mile-long trail from the end of Genoa's Carson Street to the Genoa Waterfall leads along slopes and across ridges through open forest of conifers, which turns into denser and mixed forest near the waterfall. As part of the Genoa Trail System, the Genoa Canyon Trail joins up with the Discovery Trail, connecting the waterfall with the Sierra Canyon Trail and scenic sites beyond (see map & more).

Genoa Canyon, Carson Range, Nevada
After passing the fenced Douglas County West Sierra Shadows Tank near the Carson Street trailhead, the trail follows the creek for a short distance. Then it continues along a chain of switchbacks for almost two miles. You will slowly ascend the north-facing slope of Genoa Canyon, while enjoying occasional views of Genoa and the meandering Carson River. The well-maintained trail provides for a pleasurable ascend through steep and fragile habitat, in which you always want to be alert of suddenly sliding gravel or rocks.

After leaving the challenging terrain, the Genoa Canyon Trail coincides with the Discovery Trail for about one mile. Along this trail portion between pines, firs and a few cedars, you need to cross a creek that comes down from the Kingsbury area. Now heading north-northeast, you will reach the serene Genoa Waterfall after less than a quarter-mile. Horsetail is thriving in the wet soil in front of the small waterfall. This is a refreshing place on hot summer days and a scenic spot inviting for a meditative rest.

The Discovery Trail continues north—traversing Schoolhouse Canyon and Sierra Canyon—to its north-end Eagle Ridge trail access point. In case you are returning to your access point on Carson Street, you certainly are not going to miss the sign with the following warnings:

Narrow Trail  Tight Switchbacks  Falling Rocks  Limited Sight Lines  Very Steep Drop-offs
BIKERS: Make sure brakes work! Ride slowly and wear a helmet.
EQUESTRIANS: Know the skill level of you and your horse!

Have a good ride! And don't cut the trail!    

Getting to the Genoa Canyon Trailhead
The trailhead kiosk for Genoa Canyon Trail access is located at the end of Carson Street in Genoa. From the junction of Genoa Lane with Jacks Valley Road and Foothill Road, drive south on Foothill Road or walk south on the paved Genoa Vista Trail for two blocks and turn right into Carson Street at the Orchard House corner. There is a small, tree-shaded parking area at the Carson Street dead-end. The single-track Genoa Canyon Trail is open to dog walkers, hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians. A trip out to the waterfall and back adds up to about six miles.

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