Saturday, February 1, 2014

“Beer & Wine” snow sculpture created during Carve Tahoe event, Northstar California

This snow sculpture with the title “Beer & Wine” was created by Team California/Netherlands at the international snow sculpturing event Carve Tahoe: “A dance between an elegant wine opener and a beer can opener. A juxtaposition of masculine and femine.” On a sunny Saturday (Feb. 1, 2014), visitors were strolling and dancing around this snowy juxtaposition and seven other striking creations—all made out of the white stuff that seems to become a rarity in the Reno-Tahoe landscape: Team Tahoe Truckee's The Fish Eaters, Team Yukon Canada's The First Killer Whale,Team Mongolia's Battle, Team Japan's Dream Telescope, Team Finland/Czech Republic's Handicrafts, Team Germany's Reflection and Team USA Wisconsin's Reflection

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