Saturday, February 1, 2014

“The Fish Eaters” snow sculpture at Northstar California

This snow sculpture with the title Kooyooe TuKaduThe Fish Eaters” was created by Team Tahoe Truckee at the international snow sculpturing event Carve Tahoe. Visitors could walk around this and seven other sculptures standing next to the Northstar Village near Truckee, California.

The artists—Ira Kessey, Ed Winslow and Mark Davis—introduced the fish eaters as follows:

In the early 1800s a young Paiute Indian Chief and his Tribe were living in the Pyramid Lake region. The 121 mile river that flows into the unique lake also starts at another unique lake. The crystal clear jewel is Da Aw...Lake Tahoe. There are many accounts of how Chief Truckee got his name, but his reply of Tro Kay or To ge'yee, in the Paiute language meaning “All Right.”

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