Saturday, February 1, 2014

“The First Killer Whale” snow sculpture created during Carve Tahoe event, Northstar California

This snow sculpture with the title “The First Killer Whale” was created by Team Yukon Canada at the international snow sculpturing event Carve Tahoe. Visitors could walk around this and seven other sculptures standing next to the Northstar Village near Truckee, California.

The snow artists—Donald Watt, Ken Anderson and Michael Lane—introduced their work as follows:

There was [a] man who became a castaway on an island. He wanted to get back to the mainland and his people. He felt that if he carved a fish from the wood on the island he could ride it back to the distant shore. He carved many different fish from different kinds of wood. None of them had the spirit inside them to awaken the wood and save the man. That was until he carved his fish from Yellow Cedar and the wood was full of a spirit. When he cut the hole in the fin it came alive and he was able to hold on to its fin and ride back to the safety of the mainland.

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