Sunday, April 8, 2012

A hay loader at Bartley Ranch loop trail

This old hay loader belongs to a collection of old farming equipment on display along the Ranch Loop Trail at Reno's historic Barley Ranch in Nevada. It was employed during those times when cut hay was arranged into windrows for drying by using dump rakes and side deliveries. Once the hay was ready for pick-up, the hay loader was put into action, as an interpretive panel explains:

The loader was pulled behind the windrow by a team of horses. The tines pulled the hay up to the slide. As the loader wheels turned, the longer tines caught the hay and pulled it up on the slide and dumped it into the wagon. The loader could be unhitched from the wagon and the load of hay was taken to the stackyards or the barn.

Keywords: history, vintage farming days, farm equipment, harvest, interpretive trail.

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