Saturday, April 7, 2012

A side delivery rake at Bartley Ranch loop trail

The side delivery rake (or side delivery, for short) began to replace the dump rake in the early twentieth century. The exhibit of historic farm equipment, displayed at the Bartley Ranch in Reno, Nevada, includes both, an old dump and a side delivery rake. The latter is shown in the picture. The interpretive panel next to this site along the Ranch Loop Trail briefly describes the role and history of rake use for hay harvesting:

It [the side delivery rake] turned the hay and left it in convenient windrows in one easy step. This was a faster and more efficient way to work especially with the invention of baling machines. Side deliveries were modified to be pulled by tractors in later years and the design remained virtually unchanged. The modern day swather [North American term for windrower] has replaced the hay mower and rake, combining them into one machine thus saving even more time.

Keywords: history, farm equipment, harvest, machine modernization, interpretive trail.

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