Monday, July 30, 2018

Lily Lake to Susie Lake

Susie Lake with snow-covered parts of the Crystal Range in the far back
The trail from Lily Lake to Susie Lake is very popular with day-hikers and backpackers alike. Tourists and day-hikers may just walk to the Glen Alpine Springs Historical Site or continue to Grass Lake—a 2.7-mile-hike from Liky Lake (one-way). Climbing up to Susie Lake, Half Moon Lake or Mt. Tallac also are day options.

To get to Susie Lake, follow Glen Alpine Trail from the trailhead at Lily Lake to its junction with Grass Lake Trail. Proceed on the 1.8-mile-long section of Glen Alpine Trail (Trail 17E08 in the map below) to the junction with the Lake Aloha/Gilmore Lake trail post. Up to this point the route is the same as described for the Half Moon Lake hike.

Pond with lily pads next to Trail 17E32

trail post at 17E32/PCT-TRT junctionVeer left at the Lake Aloha/Gilmore Lake junction to follow the Lake Aloha direction (Trail 17E32 in the map). After passing various lily ponds, you will soon arrive at the 17E32/PCT-TRT junction (trail post shown on the left). Turn left (southwest) and descend to a beautiful meadow, which is densely covered with wildflowers including alpine tiger lilies. The first Susie Lake overlook is coming up soon. The PCT-TRT makes a half-circle around Susie Lake and then continues westward to Heather Lake and Lake Aloha. Susie Lake's shore allows for stunning views of Cracked Crag and Jack's Peak.

Maroon-spotted flowers of alpine tiger lily
Map of Susie Lake and surrounding lakes and trails including Half Moon Lake Trail (17E31)

More to explore about and around Susie Lake

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