Sunday, July 10, 2016

Suisun Hill Trail

Suisun Slough labyrinth north of Rush Ranch
Not many people hike Suisun Hill in summer. Although this two-mile-long loop trail is not very challenging, visitors often are satisfied with views of Suisun Slough and surrounding marshlands from overlook hills along Marsh Trail and South Pasture Trail near the barn and visitor center of Rush Ranch. Suisun Hill Trail, however, is the only Rush Ranch trail that allows dogs. And if you and your dog(s) enjoy scanning open-space wetlands, Suisun Hill Trail is a treat all year round.

From the trail gate on Grizzly Island Road, head northeast toward the hill (or should I say hills) and turn left at the trail fork to begin your 500-foot climb. Marsh vistas are coming up soon. Depending on the air quality, you will see Mount Diablo in the south and the range of hills contouring northwest Solano County. The blue and green colors of the low Suisun Slough terrain are nicely contrasting with the straw-yellow hillsides. To complete the loop hike, continue down the other side of Suisun Hill and follow the well-maintained trail, which bends back toward the Rush Ranch entrance on Grizzly Island Road.

Suisun Hill
Suisun Hill Trail through dry grassland toward the top of Suisun Hill

Getting to the Suisun Hill Trailhead
Instead of driving all the way to the barn and visitor center, as described at the end of my ranch site post, park your car at the Rush Ranch entrance (without blocking it); for example, close to the Solano Land Trust gate post. Access the trail by walking across Grizzly Island Road and through the marked gate.

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