Friday, February 12, 2016

Stage Coach Trail

Stage Coach Trail in winter
Hidden under patches of snow (Feb. 11, 2016): Stage Coach Trail near its intersection with Nortons Toll Road
The Stage Coach Trail is a 1.87-mile-long trail within the Peavine Trails network in the lower Peavine foothill area northwest of Reno, Nevada. This trail is open to hiking, mountain bicycling and horseback riding. Together with a section of the Total Recall Trail, Stage Coach Trail combines to a nice single-track loop northeast of Round Top.

I am not sure how this trail got its name, since it is does not meet conditions suitable for stage coach travel. However, it intersects with various older four-wheel-fitting dirt roads, including Nortons Toll Road (USFS RT 662).

At Trail Marker 1871 next to Hoge Road, Stage Coach Trail veers northwest through a sagebrush landscape. Every other half-mile, it crosses an unpaved road. These intersections are identified by Trail Markers 1872, 1973 and 1874. From the 1874 crossing of Nortons Toll Road, Stage Coach Trail climbs to the Rock Pile point at Trail Marker 65, its junction with Total Recall Trail. Turning right on the latter, you will head west—with Peavine Mountain always in view— towards Bobsled Trail, Colpo Canyon Trail, Three Trees Trail, Scrub Brush Trail, Over Easy Trail and Bacon Strip Trail. I anticipate this list to grow in the future.

Northeast-facing slopes of Round Top
If you decide to take Total Recall Trail back to Marker 1871, the Stage Coach/Total Recall junction is the highest elevation point of your loop travel. Return by following the downhill path of Total Recall Trail—skirting the northeast slopes of Round Top.  At its junction with Halo Trail, continue on Total Recall Trail. In case, you parked your vehicle at the Hoge Road Trailhead, you now should be able to see it and may find your final route by sight.

The Peavine Trails network provides various options to integrate the Stage Coach/Total Recall loop into more advanced tours. For example, this loop makes for a great extension of a hiking or biking trip along Keystone Canyon Trail and Poedunk Trail. Find your path by consulting the Peavine Trail Map.

Getting to the Hoge Road/Stage Coach Trail Y-junction
From the North McCarran Boulevard/Virginia Street intersection northwest of the University of Nevada/Reno go north on North Virginia Street. Pass its intersection with Vista Rafael and Parr Boulvard and turn left on Hoge Road. Follow Hoge Road, westward, to the end of its paved section and continue on the unpaved Hoge Road, which briefly turns south and then continues west again. The parking area of the Hoge Road Trailhead is to your right in front of the radio towers near the high radio frequency facility. Walk or ride on Hoge Road past this facility until you arrive at Trail Marker 1871.