Thursday, July 2, 2015

Walking—actually, marching—along Riverside Drive to kick off Reno's 20th Artown

MarchFourth! opening Artown next to McKinley Arts and Culture Center on Riverside Drive, Reno, Nevada

July is Artown month in Reno, Nevada. The “20th Anniversary Opening Night Celebration” took place yesterday. In the evening, children, parents and other Artownersfriends of Artown—watched and followed the unique marching band MarchFourth! on their opening parade from the McKinley Arts and Culture Center along Riverside Drive to Reno's downtown stage at the west end of Wingfield Park. 

MarchFourth! at Wingfield Park Amphitheater
MarchFourth! artisans and musicians with their motto “This Band Is Your Band” are no newcomers to Reno. I have seen them opening Artown years ago on the sky roof of the Nevada Museum of Art. Walking or marching with MarchFourth! feels like taking part in a kaleidoscopic Cirque du Soleil road-show performance. Leading the marching route were stilt walkers, followed by Vaudeville-style dancers and musicians delivering the explosive sonic stomps & rhythm.

Stilt-walk dancer on stage
The marching band and the following crowd moved alongside the Truckee River, while passing the Hub coffee hangout, the Lear Theater, the Bicentennial Park and then gathering at the Wingfield Park Amphitheater, where more Artown fans where already waiting or picnicking on the lawn in front of the stage—or floating in the river pools surrounding the venue island.

Later in the evening, the Glen David Andrews Band from New Orleans was playing jazz, gospel and soul music. Everyone celebrated the first 2015 Artown sunset. At late night, MarchFourth! continued their spectacle at the Cargo at Whitney Peak Hotel in downton Reno.

Reno is Artown!

Glen David Andrews Band all the way from New Orleans

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