Thursday, January 29, 2015

Vasquez Trail in the southeast section of Garland Ranch Regional Park

Vasquez Ridge in Garland Park, California

Vasquez Trail is a short trail following Vasquez Ridge across a meadow towards a forested hilltop summit at the southeastern boundary of Garland Park. While climbing this trail, hikers and horseback riders enjoy various views of Carmel Valley to the north and into Hitchcock Canyon, cutting the mountain range further east.

Vasquez Trail is best reached by climbing the steep Laureles Trail from the Carmel River up to the forest opening on Vasquez Ridge. Turning right at the junction with the bench, the Vasquez-Spring trail fork is soon reached. Vasquez Trail leads up to Cougar Ridge and to Saddle Trail. The latter trail descends to a junction with East Ridge Trail and further downhill to a junction with Spring Trail, from where one can loop back to the grassy ridge and Laureles Trail or take Saddle Trail all the way down and back to the River Trail alongside Carmel River.

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