Sunday, September 29, 2013

Recreational and memorial lawn sites: Crissie Caughlin Park, Reno, Nevada

George Vicari pin oak
Crissie Caughlin Park is a stretch of green along the Truckee River. The park features picnic sites, a playground and a horseshoe pit. A pin oak (Quercus palustris) tree (right-side picture) in the park is dedicated to Sacramento-born George Vicari, co-owner of the La Fleur Flower Shop and lover of books and art (see obituary). A metal-on-rock inscription refers to George Vicari as ”A True Friend And Soul Mate.”

Crissie Caughlin Park makes its mark along the Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway. West of the George Vicari tree and the horseshoe pit (view in top picture), the bicycle and pedestrian trail continues along the Truckee River: welcome to the Schiappacasse River Pathway. This paved path connects Crissie Caughling Park with Betsy Caughlin Donnelly Park via the Alum Creek trail. It also connects with the neighborhood west of South McCarran Boulevard, where the bike path continues from the Riverhaven Avenue/Edgewater Parkway junction westward to Dorostkar Park and Mayberry Park, other small picnic parks with Truckee River access.

Getting there
From downtown Reno, drive south on South Virginia Street and turn right onto California Avenue. Stay on California all the way to its end and continue westward on Idlewild Drive. Alternately, drive west on West First Street and turn left onto Riverside Drive (at W. First St./Ralston Street junction). After crossings over the Truckee River bridge, turn right onto Idlewild Drive and follow it to its junction with California Avenue. Continue on Idlewild Drive. Before its deadend section, next to its junction with Riverberry Drive, you will find parking lots and restrooms on the right side along Crissie Caughlin Park.

Crissie Caughlin Park playground

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Emeraude Beront said...

Can you post the distance in miles from Riverhaven Drive (Schiappacasse Walkway) to Booth Street, along Truckee River, through Crissie Caughlin, etc., walking the Crooked mile and on through Idlewild park ( including two rather small stretches of pavement along Idlewild Avenue); and, also from Booth Street to First Street through the Arlington Avenue underpass. Hope you can. O've been trying to find out online but no info is available re: miles for pedestrians, except for crooked mile and the entire length all the way to Greg Street (19+ miles). I need the breakdown as per above. Thanks again!