Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tahoe-Yosemite Trail (TYT): Crag Lake and Crag Peak

Winter landscape around Crag Lake in May, Desolation Wilderness, California
Crag Lake with Crag Peak, seen on a TYT hike in May 2013Along the northernmost section of the Tahoe-Yosemite Trail (TYT) in the North Desolation Wilderness a string of scenic lakes, locally known as the Tallant Lakes, are accessible via a moderate-to-difficult hike up the TYT trail from Meeks Bay, Lake Tahoe, California [1-3]. The first alpine lake, you are arriving at by climbing up for about 4.6 miles from the Meeks Bay trailhead, is Lake Genevieve. Then, after a short walk, Crag Lake and Crag Peak with its granite walls and slopes are coming into view, about five miles away from the Meeks Bay trailhead.

On a sunny and warm May day, Crag Lake can still make a winter-landscape impression. But during summer months, the shallow lake is good for fishing and swimming. Then, like other Sierra lakes— for example, Nevada's Rock Lake south of Slide Mountain—Crag Lake displays yellow water lilies with their floating leaves [3].     

Getting to the Meeks Bay trailhead next to Highway 89 at Lake Tahoe
See the Getting there description in my previous post TYT: From Meeks Bay to Lake Genevieve.

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