Sunday, April 14, 2013

On the sculpture trail: Hermann Hahn's young horseman next to Hamburg's prestigious museum of art

“Der junge Reiter” statue of 1908 by Hermann Hahn, located next to the Kunsthalle Hamburg
The “Der junge Reiter” (the young rider or horseman) statue of 1908 by Hermann Hahn (1868-1945) is located next to the Kunsthalle Hamburg, which owns the sculpture—according to the imprinted text at its pedestal. The statue shares this public space at the rotunda-side of the museum with Bernhard Luginbühl's steel sculpture Kleiner Zyklop (Small Cyclops). The Reiter sculpture makes its impression on visitors during day and at night [1,2].

Intersection of "An der Kunsthalle" and "Ernst-Merck-Straße" with "Der junge Reiter" statue by Hermann HahnThe German artist and sculptor Hermann Hahn is known for his realistic portrait sculptures. Hahn became a representative of neo-classicism. His portrait statues and monuments can be found in various cities including Hamburg, Bremen, Weimar, Munich and Chicago [3].

References and more to explore
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