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On the sculpture trail: Heidi Kabel bronze statue in Hamburg

Bronze stature in memory of Hamburg's actress and musician Heidi Kabel

Heidi Bertha Auguste Kabel (1914-2010) was an admired German stage actress and musician ranking high in popularity within the folk theater scene and its audience. On stage and through television shows she became a legend due to her charming Low German dialect (Niederdeutsch, Plattdeutsch, Hamburger Platt), entertaining humor and slapstick performances as well as her socially engaging you-and-me presence—on and off stage. Between 1954 and 1998 she hit the spotlight in more than 250 plays—many of them performed in Hamburg's Ohnsorg-Theater, which is dedicated to the Low German dialect [1-3].

Heidi Kabel plaza sign near Hamburg's Central Station
A bronze statue in Heidi's honor has been erected next to the Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) at the north side of a plaza, which has been named after her: Heidi-Kabel Platz [4]. The text underneath the sign explains that it is named  “after Heidi Kabel (1914-2010). throughout the federal republic, popular folk-play actress at the Ohnsorg-Theater between 1932 and 1996, gaining popularity due to television broadcasting since 1954, already a highly admired Legend of Hamburg during her time of life.” 

Placard in memory of Hamburg's acress Heidi Kabel Heidi Kabel became famous as a “Hamburger Deern” (Low German for Girl of Hamburg). Performing more like a girl or woman from next door than a distant actress diva, she made people cry, smile, laugh and reflect on themselves. I still remember her scenes in an apron dress and with a broom in her hand—ready to make a clean sweep. So, when you will visit the city of Hamburg or happen to have an overlay while switching trains, visit the plaza and shake hands with her.

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Keywords: folk theater, entertainment, Low German language, history.

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