Saturday, June 23, 2012

Covell Park, Northstar Park and Davis-Covell Greenbelt

The Davis Community Park at West Covell Boulevard in Davis, California, is connected with Covell Park and Northstar Park by the Davis-Covell Greenbelt. Parks and greenbelt are linked by a paved path, which is used by joggers, bicyclists, dog walkers, hikers and inline skaters. The greenbelt features playgrounds, frisbee greens, art and nature. And all is conveniently accessible from the neighborhoods through which the greenbelt circles and branches.

Dogs can be seen in most parks, but along the 2.7-mile-long loop trail of this parklike belt you'll find both realistic and amusing dogs—bronze sculptures crafted by artist Jean van Keuren. They include the shown dog at play, a dog chasing a turkey and a dog on a tricycle. While you are jogging by these dog sculptures, you may think of the sculpture that captures your activity: The Joggers in downtown Davis. 

Northstar Park, in most parts, is a wetland habitat. A short boardwalk trail leads from the loop path to a platform, from which you can overlook the wildlife habitat and the Julie Partansky Pond. Residential and migratory waterbirds inhabit the small habitat and the pond. The latter also provides flood protection as part of a storm drain system for the surrounding homes, streets and gardens.

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