Saturday, May 5, 2012

Veatch's stickleaf on dry slopes of Mt. Peavine, Nevada

Veatch's stickleaf (Mentzelia veatchiana) is a flowering plant native to California (including Baja California), Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. The displayed plant was seen on a southeast-facing slope of Mt. Peavine near Reno.

Typical plants show an erect growth. Flowers have satiny yellow petals that are deep orange at the base: orange “eye” on corolla [1]. The picture below shows a stickleaf's leaf, which is deeply cleft into narrow lobes containing white hairs.

Veatch's stickleaf belongs to the Loasa family (Loasaceae). This species is also known by the common name Veatch's blazingstar [2]. Less common are names such as whitestem stickleaf or whitestem blazingstar [3].

Variant terminology: Veatch's stick-leaf, Veatch's stick leaf, Veatch's blazing star

Keywords: botany, wildflower, Reno/Tahoe, Great Basin, southwestern United States.

References and more to explore 
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