Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A spring tooth harrow at Bartley Ranch loop trail

A spring tooth harrow was used for soil cultivation. This type of harrow consists of rows of spring teeth. A spring tooth is a flexible iron tooth that loosens soil before planting, while the harrow is dragged over a field. The picture shows a harrow with three rows of spring teeth. This harrow is displayed at the historic Bartley Ranch in Reno, Nevada, but has once been put to work at the Quilici Ranch along the Carson River near Dayton. The interpretive panel next to the harrow explains:

The spring tooth harrow is known especially for the spring tines which provide a vibrating action to help break up the soil. The springs also yield to rigid obstructions such as rocks, potentially alleviating excessive wear on the equipment, team and driver. This piece was used on the local Quilici Ranch.

Synonym for spring tooth harrow: drag harrow.

Keywords: history, farm equipment, agricultural tillage tool, plowing, interpretive trail, walking tour.

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