Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bartley Ranch to Anderson Park trail connection reopened

After Reno's Caughlin Fire in November 2011, which affected neighborhoods from Caughlin Ranch down to Bartley Ranch Regional Park, all trails along the slopes between Lakeside Drive and Bartley Ranch's pastureland were closed. The Ranch Loop Trail has now been reopened, connecting Bartley Ranch with the Anderson Park Trail.

A red fence keeps the west-side trails such as Flume Trail and Quail Run Nature Trail closed until further notice. Signs are warning that the possibility of falling debris, unmarked obstacles and unstable conditions render those trails unsafe. Yet, the quails are back to business as usual between blackened rocks, burned trees and some surviving ephedra shrubs (Mormon Tea). And Bartley Ranch visitors can again connect from Hawkins Amphitheater to Del Monte Lane and adjacent Anderson Park.