Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Indian Head Rock at Pyramid Lake

Indian Head Rock next to the shoreline of the lower west side of Pyramid Lake is—like Popcorn Rock—an eroding tufa mound. This complex of deposited calcite (calcium carbonate) showcases various forms of tufa such as coralline and crystalline-layered tufa. Differently rounded and coated parts of the ludicrous-looking mound are interlocking with each other. The picture below shows a thinolite arch at Indian Head's base with crystalline tufa forming concentric layers of fibrous and branched calcite structures.

Finding Indian Head Rock
Indian Head Rock is located along Route 446 between its intersection with Route 447 at Nixon and its intersection with Route 445 a few miles further north. From the rock complex, it is only a short walk to Indian Head Beach.

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