Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A loop around Porcupine Hill

Porcupine Hill is located east of the Martis Creek Wildlife Area. The loop is part of the Northstar Resort trail system between Truckee and the Tahoe Rim Trail at Brockway Summit. From the Martis Valley Parking Area (see trailhead direction for Martis Creek Trail), a 0.8 mile walk takes you along Middle Martis Creek, across Frank's Fish Bridge, to Gumba's Crossings. Instead of continuing the loop around the meadow, you'll walk the Tompkins Memorial Trail (TMT) between a golf course and Highway 267. Passing the huge  “Northstar at Tahoe” sign, continue along the golf course boundary, turn right onto a dirt road and continue until you reach the intersection (see picture), which is the beginning and end of the 2.8 miles loop around porcupine hill. The loop trail sections are going parallel to and above of Route 267 for about 1.2 miles, parallel to Northstar Drive for 0.4 miles and on Lower Sawmill Road (no motorized traffic) for another 1.2 miles.

Map of the Martis Creek Wildlife Area and Northstar Community: www.northstarattahoe.com/nsassets/files/hike-summer/Hiking_Trail_Map.pdf.

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