Sunday, June 19, 2011

From Curtz Lake down to the River: Carson River Trail

The Carson River Trail is a hiking trail in the Indian Creek Recreation Lands between the East and West Fork of the Carson River in California. This trail starts north of Curtz Lake, leading downhill for about two miles to the East Fork Carson River. The final third of the trail follows a rocky creek bed, which opens as you approach the Carson River. There you'll find a marker (see above) indicating that John C. Fremont and Kit Carson came through here in 1843-1844. The right picture shows the East Fork Carson River with a view south towards the mountains of the Mokelumne Wilderness.

Getting there
Follow the directions to the Curtz Lake Environmental Study Area and continue on Airport Road to the northeast corner of the lake until you see two signs to your right: both signs are on the same post, one saying Youth Conservation Corps Project and the other saying Carson River Trail - 2. I assume the number 2 means a one-way length of two miles. 2 hours down and back wouldn't be too far off, but I recommend to add more time and stay at the scenic river bank for some time.

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