Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tahoe Meadows: fragile in summer, snow-covered in winter

Tahoe Meadows is easily accessible via State Route 431 (Mt. Rose Highway) between Reno and Incline Village in northwest Nevada. In summer, there is a Nature Trail and the trailhead for the Tahoe Rim Trail section to Diamond Peak and the Twin Lakes as well as the Ophir Creek Trail. In Winter, Tahoe Meadows is a snowfield, inviting snowshoers and cross-country skiers or cross-meadows skiers. The meadowlands are a fragile habitat in summer. Visitors are asked to stay on designated trails. But a thick layer of snow is typically covering the meadows during winter and early-spring months. You then define your own trail as you walk or ski across or near lodgepole pines. On a windy day there is a good chance to see rippled clouds and some paraskiers speeding over the wide field.