Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Manhattan Canyon Trail in Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve

The Manhattan Canyon Trail is a hiker-only trail in the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. The trail leads through mixed forest, chaparral, and across sloped meadows. The trail offers views of the Rose Hill Cemetery and the Greathouse Visitor Center. Many park visitors take the Nortonville Trail to get right to the Rose Hill Cemetry or to the Nortonville Townsite. If you don't want to follow the crowd, take the Manhattan Canyon Trail, which begins about half a mile away from the southern parking lot at the end of Somersville Road, just before you reach the pond. The trail slowly climbs up the hillside from the Nortonville Trail. It connects with the Black Diamond Trail, on which you can either walk back (turn right) to the Nortonville Trail, getting to the Cemetery side, or hike (turn left) to Pioneer Pond, Jim's Place, and to the Nortonville Townsite. The latter loop keeps you hiking for at least five miles, depending on the detours you will make to explore old mining sites.

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