Thursday, April 8, 2010

From the outskirts of Ojai to Nordhoff Peak: Climbing Pratt Trail

The Ojai Valley in California, about an hour's drive away from Ventura or Carpinteria, is surrounded by the Los Padres National Forest. There are various trails that can easily be accessed from Mira Monte, Meiners Oak or downtown Ojai. The Pratt Trail is one of them. This trail goes uphill through chaparral/forest and along meadows, where you might find a picnic table with shade. In the lower section, this trail passes residential areas with houses that are surrounded by beautiful gardens. In most parts, Pratt Trail is narrow and steep. It takes you to Nordhoff Peak with views of the Pacific Coast and the Channel Islands, weather permitting.

Getting there
From the intersection of Highway 150 (Ojai Avenue) and Signal Street next to the Arcade and Libbey Park in downtown Ojai, go east on Signal Road. Turn left at the Water Tank and carefully drive to the trailhead parking lot at dirt road's end.

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[2] Trails of Nordhoff Ridge from Rose Valley to Ojai including Gridley and Pratt Trails.
[3] Gabriele Rau's experience (March 9, 2002): Nordhoff Peak.

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