Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Share the Fulton Mall in Fresno, California

The Fulton Mall in Fresno, a city in the San Joaquin Valley of Upper California, is a pedestrian mall. It is located in Downtown Fresno between the Warriors Theatre on Tuolumne Street and Inyo Street. “Mall traffic” includes pedestrians and bikers, but generally no motorized vehicles. Although a shopping mall (in parts), the Fulton Mall is a public outdoor art museum with animated facades, mosaics, a variety of sculptures and garden-like settings of fountains and bench groupings. The Fulton Mall Public Art Tour pages describe both sculptors and artists. An entry into Fresno's geography and history is available with Fresno, the Spanish word for ash tree on maps of Upper California (Alta California).
Long before fountains were designed and sculptured for the Fulton Mall, a natural spring already existed in the center of what is now Fresno: Green Bush Spring. That spot is found on the plaza at the midpoint of the mall. A marker between the clock tower and the abstract “Big A” sculpture brings you back in time:
On this spot in the early days was a flowing spring beside which stood a large green bush. Wild horses, deer, elk, and antelope watered here and later it served as a watering place for sheep and cattle.

The presence of this water caused the Railroad in 1872 to locate its station and townsite here.

The name shown on the first map of the proposed town was Green Bush.

Because of its central location in Fresno County Leland Stanford changed the name to Fresno Station.

In 1873 when the official map was filed it was entitled Town of Fresno.

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