Sunday, March 28, 2010

On the sculpture trail: “Uptown Rocker” by Lloyd Hamrol in Downtown Los Angeles

Sites of Los Angeles display sculptures you can walk through (Sequi) or walk around (Liberman's Ulysses and Phoenix). The Bunker Hill art project “Uptown Rocker” by Lloyd Hamrol on busy Fourth Street is best experienced while driving by, according to the artist's feel [1]. But on your leisurely art stroll through Downtown Los Angeles you may not want to drive around. Then, the best place to see the “Uptown Rocker” is from the South Grand Avenue bridge crossing Fourth Street.
You'll see real traffic zipping by on both sides of the rocker, while silhouttes of painted steel cars are roller-coasting the sculpture curve. This art installation may remind you of cars jumping around and running crazy during a strong earthquake. The sculpture is unbalanced, being higher towards the Grand Avenue side. The curved rocker is a concrete structure, which hopefully is balanced and well-anchored, in case an actual earthquake rocks!

More on Uptown Rocker
[1] Search uptown rocker at
[2] Uptown Rocker sculpture 1986 by Lloyd Hamrol.

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