Thursday, August 6, 2009

Silver Lake in the Lakes Basin Recreation Area

Silver Lake is located between the Long Lake Reservoir and Round Lake in Plumas County, California. As with Big Bear Lake and other lakes of this area, Silver Lake's shape and existence is related to activities during the ice age. A board posted along a trail at Silver Lake informs:

Silver Lake is one of many cirque lakes in the Lakes Basin Area. It was formed as a glacier scooped out an area shaped like a bowl. The debris you see in the area (called a recessional moraine) was deposited as the glacier retreated and is responsible for retaining the waters of the lake. The lake has no inlet but is fed by snow melt and springs.

Getting there and more about Silver Lake
Silver Lake can be accessed via Bear Lake Trail, passing the sequence of Big Bear, Little Bear and Cub Lake, or via Round Lake. The Round Lake Trail and the connector to Bear Lake Trail are both starting at the parking lot near the Gold Lake Lodge. Also see the description of getting to Big Bear Lake.
More about Silver Lake from the posted information board: Elevation 6640 feet, surface area 11 acres, maximum depth 35 feet. Brook Trout is the predominate fish species.

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