Monday, July 6, 2009

Hunter Creek Trailhead currently under construction

The Hunter Creek Trailhead in southwest Reno will eventually be an access point to the Mt. Rose Wilderness. Currently, a dirt road into the area above the Steamboat Ditch is accessible from here. A board at the trailhead construction site, entitled The Ridges at Hunter Creek, informs:
Thank you for your patience and cooperation. The Ridges at Hunter Creek is hard at work constructing your trailhead. We share your enthusiasm for hiking in this beautiful wilderness and have dedicated a permanent trailhead that will serve as access into the Toiyabe National Forest and Steamboat Ditch Trail. Working with Washoe County Commissioner Jim Galloway, Washoe County Parks and Recreation, along with many interested citizen's groups for the past several years, we expect the first phase to be ready for use in the summer of 2008. There will also be a system of trails through the Ridges at Hunter Creek that links the trailhead to Caughlin Ranch so you can either hike or drive to the trailhead. In the meantime, your cooperation with Campbell Construction is appreciated. This will be a busy place with heavy equipment traffic and other hazards that could be dangerous so please avoid this area while the construction is proceeding. You will be pleased with the results.

Whenever the “meantime” will be over, this will be a busy place with hikers and bikers ready for the wilderness.

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