Monday, May 18, 2009

Tompkins Memorial Trail around Northstar

Tompkins Memorial Trail (TMT) is a High-Sierra pine forest trail, easily accessible from the Village at Northstar. The trail is surrounding Northstar. Although the trail is never far away from Northstar condominiums, you still get the impression of hiking through forest. There are trail sections with views to the Northstar downhill skiing slopes or into Martis Valley. TMT is part of a trail network, connecting, for example, to Martis Creek Trail.

Getting there. From route 267 in California between Truckee and Kings Beach, take the Northstar exit and follow Northstar Drive to Northstar Village. The parking area is to your left before passing or getting into the village.
The trailhead is nearby at the corner of Northstar Drive and Big Springs Drive. Benches and trail map postings can be found at various TMT sites.

Further Information: Northstar Community Services District/Trails

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