Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weser River Walk in Bremen-Vegesack

Vegesack, a district of the city of Bremen in northwest Germany, is located north of where the river Lesum flows into the Weser. The Weser River Walk is easily accessed by walking or biking less than a mile westwards from the train station Bremen-Vegesack.
A good starting point for the river walk is the “Gray Donkey” (Grauer Esel, a donkey sculpture in front of the cafe-garden pub of the same name). Going north, you'll reach the sculpture of the lower jaw of a blue whale (upper picture). This bronze sculpture replaces the originally exhibited jaw—a gift made to Vegesack in 1961 by the Norwegian shipping trader Anders Jahre—of a 26-meter-long whale.
Continuing along the river, you'll pass an information board at the signal station telling you about the history of commercial activities in the area including ship building, whaling, and aircraft services. Some data on the local size of the Weser are also provided. Watching the river for some time, you may notice the tide-related changes that occur along this stretch of the Weser. Further north, you reach a propeller that makes a nice bench (lower picture above). If you don't like to sit on a propeller, don't worry, there are many benches and also park greens on the way.

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