Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dry Pond Is Still Wet

Dry Pond southwest of Reno was still found to be wet this year in the middle of May. Lots of water is gushing down Whites Creek. Taking Dry Pond Trail while coming from the Whites Creek Trailhead (about a mile off Timberline Drive north of Mount Rose Highway), one needs to cross Whites Creek. Some rocks are in place to hop, rock by rock, over the speedy water. Hikers and bikers alike are doing it. Various spring flowers can be seen on both sides of the trail leading up to the pond. Currently, Dry Pond looks like a shallow little lake. When I was up there, I saw a couple of ducks swimming between the horsetails. If the weather stays as dry and hot as over the last week-end, Dry Pond will be dry again in a few weeks. Whether wet or dry, this location is always a beautiful place with—from between the pines— secret views of Mount Rose, Slide Mountain and parts of Washoe Lake.

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