Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Monument and Monroe Ridge Trail

The Monument Trail and Monroe Ridge Trail are located in the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park. The Monument Trail starts from the picnic area near the Gold Discovery Museum. This trail brings you uphill to the James Marshall Monument and to the Catholic Cemetery. From the parking lot at the Monument, the Monroe Ridge Trail provides an easy climb to the ridge. The trail continues along the ridge with some beautiful vista points. The picture (March 24, 2008) shows a view across the South Fork American River. Hiking downhill on Monroe Ridge Trail, you 'll arrive at the Monroe Orchard. Crossing Highway 49 and the parking lot and turning right along the river, the Gold Discovery Loop Trail brings you back to the Gold Discovery Museum. If you continue walking along Back Street you'll get to Brewery Street and the Beer Garden. However, I wasn't able to spot the brewery and found the ruins of the jail house instead.

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