Saturday, December 15, 2007

UNR Mother Quad closed during winter months

The main quad of the University of Nevada in Reno (UNR) is closed. All around the green quad you find signs: Sorry for the inconvenience. Mother Quad is sleeping & Baby Seedlings are hatching during these winter months. Thank you for allowing her to rest.

So let this place rest until spring when you may want to rest and relax on the green quad again or join any other activity happening there. For now, keep yourself warm by walking or running around it. A self-guided historic walk around the Mother Quad is always worth it. The UNR campus features many little paved trails. Don't miss the interesting architecture and the mineral displays in some of the buildings nearby. Also, visit the John William Mackay statue. It looks quite colorful right now, as you can see on the picture. The students are leaving donations there and are asking "Good Old Mackay" for good luck on their finals.

Good luck students and good luck baby seedlings!

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