Monday, May 29, 2017

Meeks Creek Waterfalls

The falling water of Meeks Creek taking different paths
The Tahoe-Yosemite Trail (TYT) connects Lake Tahoe's Meeks Bay with Tuolumne Meadows at Yosemite. Never been on this trail? What about exploring the first three miles of the TYT at its Meeks Bay beginning (or terminus). A hike to the Meeks Creek Waterfalls makes for an exciting spring outing, especially during the snow-melting season after a snow-heavy winter. 

Tumbling and splashing Meeks Creek
From near the Meeks Bay Campground, the TYT follows a gently ascending dirt road, which may still be wet—saturated with meltwater in May or June. Here, you will have a good chance to spot some snowplants that like to grow in the forest of various pines, white firs and incense cedars. Long cones fallen off sugar-cone pines can be found on the forest floor, which is covered with manzanitas and other brushes at certain places and almost barren at others. Corn lilies add their fresh green to areas with moist soil. 

At a marked junction next to a shallow lake or pond—after 1.5 miles from the Meeks Bay tralhead—the TYT starts a slightly steeper ascend through lush forest. The canyon of Meeks Creek is to your left. While you continue climbing you will get closer to the creek. The single-track trail runs roughly parallel to it. Follow the sound of rushing water and find the unmarked side-trip path that switchbacks down between boulders and brushes to where Meeks Creek is cascading through its rocky bed. Watch out for loose rocks and slippery spots. Expect droplets of water spray coming your way, which can be pleasant on a hot day. The mist also sustains the mosses you see hugging tree trunks and hanging from branches.

Zooming in on the down-streaming whitewater of Meeks Creek
There are no round-trip option. Return the way you came or continue on the TYT farther upstream to the Tallant Lakes, beginning with Lake Genevieve, followed by Crag Lake

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