Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Berkeley Rose Garden: trails in a theater of roses

The Berkeley Rose Garden is a City of Berkeley Landmark. It is surrounded by the Codornices Park, tennis courts and residential areas. The rose garden is build like an amphitheater with views of San Francisco Bay. The theater terraces correspond to planting arrangements, displaying roses organized by color, starting with red at the top and descending through bronze, pink, and yellow to white at the bottom. The many walkways and rose beds of the theater terraces are sun-exposed, while the semicircular redwood pergola provides partial shade and climbing opportunities—for roses only! One finds more shade along the small loop trail through a tiny forest (see right picture), which is located on the left side, assuming that you are overlooking the garden from the upper entrance at Euclid Avenue.

In case you are looking for other interesting plants from around the world, you'll find them in the Botanical Garden of the University of California, beautifully situated in the Berkeley Hills.

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