Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reno/Sparks Bike Map 2012

The twin cities of Reno and Sparks in Nevada are turning into a hot spot for bikers. According to the Reno/Sparks Bike Map 2012 this area has been designated a “Bicycle Friendly Community at the Bronze Level” in September 2011, a reward presented to communities with remarkable commitments to bicycling. This designation will be held for four years and further achievements will be re-evaluated in 2015. Let's go for the “Gold Level!”

The printed fold-up map is available for free at various locations listed on the RTC Bicycling page. It also may be found outside the Bartley Ranch park-headquarters building on the left side of the main entrance. The map features different types of bike paths such as popular rides identified by local bikers, designated bike lanes as road portions with pavement marking, bike lanes planned by end of 2012 and bikeways physically seperated from motorized vehicular traffic. An example for the latter is the section of the Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway through Sparks and Reno, which connects downtown Reno with Rock Park and the eastern side of Sparks beyond Sparks Blvd. without any major interruptions.

The map includes, for example, Verdi, Spanish Springs, Galena, Washoe Lake and Incline Village. The map focuses on the urban areas. Dirt road trails such as the Steamboat Ditch trail to the Holes in the wall or single track trails such as Peavine's Halo Trail are not indicated or shown in the map, but you'll be able to plan your route through the Truckee Meadows to get there, assuming you know the connection points and whereabouts of your favorite tracks winding through open space.

Keywords: outdoors, recreation, commuting, traffic, city planning, urban development.


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